2021 Dolphins for Nurses Fundraising Campaign

2021 Dolphins for Nurses Fundraising Campaign

About This Campaign

Each year during the month leading up to, and during, National Nurses Week (May 6-12), nurses and nurse groups are invited to host a fundraiser for Nurses House by offering $1, $5 and $10 dolphin cards in exchange for donations at nursing events or by raising funds for our colleagues in need virtually.

We hope you or your group will create a fundraising page for the campaign this year and share it with your friends, family, colleagues. To do so, click "participate" to the right and follow the easy instructions.

For a fundraising packet to host an in person fundraiser contact Stephanie at sdague@nurseshouse.org. To simply make a donation, click the "donate" button on the right. Or, click the "reward" button and donate $50 or more to receive a campaign t-shirt.

Thank you to all the nurses and other healthcare workers out there fighting the COVID-19 pandemic for all your hard work and dedication.

Title Sponsors

Nurses House, Inc

Campaign to Support Nurses House, Inc

Nurses House is the only national organization offering assistance to RN's who are struggling due to their health and financial situation. Nurses House is run by nurses and funded by donations from nurses and the nursing community. Assistance is rendered to those who qualify on a short term basis to help with basic necessary expenses such as rent or mortgage payments and medical needs. The service is a vehicle for nurses to give and receive help from their fellow colleagues and is truly "nurses helping nurses."

Fundraising Teams

Maimonides Medical Center

$106.91 raised (4%)


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  1. Winifred Kennedy
    Winifred Kennedy gave a $106.91 donation to support Maimonides Medical Center
    Best regards to the great nurses at Maimonides
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  2. Anne Adams
    Anne Adams gave a $53.04 donation
    Dedication In Memory of: Agnes Durocher
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  3. Bertha Dear
    Bertha Dear gave a $10.85 donation
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