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Nursing Nuggets from Inspirational Leaders Dedicated to Nurses House

The KAPPA Chapter of SIGMA is sponsoring a virtual event for Senior nursing students and recent nursing graduates to meet with inspirational and speciality nursing leaders. This will be an evening for nurses to share lessons learned, experiences, and wisdom. KAPPA Chapter would like to dedicate this evening to Nurses House and the tremendous support the charity has provided to nurses in need throughout the years.


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  • Feb 18, 2021 7:00pm - 8:30pm ET
tina ortiz

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Nurses House, Inc
In Support of Nurses House, Inc
Nurses House is the only national organization offering assistance to RN's who are struggling due to their health and financial situation. Nurses House is run by nurses and funded by donations from nurses and the nursing community. Assistance is rendered to those who qualify on a short term basis to help with basic necessary expenses such as rent or mortgage payments and medical needs. The service is a vehicle for nurses to give and receive help from their fellow colleagues and is truly "nurses helping nurses."
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