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Please help me raise funds for my fellow nurses who have contracted COVID-19! We place patients first each day and often sacrifice ourselves in the process. I want to raise $150 by May to give back to this campaign! Please partner with me.

Help for Nurses Nationwide Affected by COVID-19

About This Campaign

Nurses House has partnered with the American Nurses Foundation to help nurses nationwide affected by COVID-19. Through July 31, 2020, Nurses House will be providing grants to RNs, LPNs and LVNs who are unable to work due to a COVID-19 infection, caring for a family member with COVID-19, or are under employer mandated quarantine.

In order to help as many nurses as possible, we desperately need your support. Please make a donation today and help us support our heroes on the front lines. Thank you for your generosity!

To mail your donation by check, it can be made out to Nurses House, Inc. with COVID-19 in memo and mailed to:

Nurses House, Inc
2113 Western Ave.
Guilderland, NY 12084
  1. Mayra Tapia
    Mayra Tapia gave a donation to support Maegen Jackson
    Thank You for your sacrifice. God Bless you for everything you do every day to combat this Covid19.
    over 1 year ago · Like
  2. Carolyn Johnson
    Carolyn Johnson gave a $52.44 donation to support Maegen Jackson
    Dedication In Memory of: Ginny Hamilton
    I am so grateful for the tireless and courageous work nurses do every day and thankful for this opportunity to help a little through NursesHouse.
    over 1 year ago · Like
  3. An anonymous donation of $52.44 has been made to support Maegen Jackson
    over 1 year ago · Like

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