2018 Annual Holiday Appeal

2018 Annual Holiday Appeal

About This Campaign

At this joyful time of year, when expressions of kindness and giving are common, we appreciate your thinking of our colleagues in need and considering a gift to Nurses House along with your holiday giving. Nurses House has provided over $170,000 in grants to 68 nurses in need already this year and there are currently twenty applicants awaiting assistance. We hope, with your help, to be able to fill all the requests that come to us this holiday season.

Nurses House is the only national charitable organization dedicated to providing housing and medical expenses to nurses in need. Having health related financial distress plagues all our applicants. As I’m sure many of you know, it is extremely distressing to worry about financial needs during times of crisis. The help provided by Nurses House alleviates some of the stress and gives piece of mind - and hope - to our applicants. Those we assist are truly overwhelmed and grateful for Nurses House assistance.

Nurses House relies heavily upon donations from our holiday appeal to support our program year-round. Whether it’s $100, $25, or $10 you can offer, your donation means the world to those less fortunate. All of us at Nurses House extend our sincere gratitude and best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous holiday season and New Year!
Nurses House, Inc

Campaign to Support Nurses House, Inc

Nurses House is the only national organization offering assistance to RN's who are struggling due to their health and financial situation. Nurses House is run by nurses and funded by donations from nurses and the nursing community. Assistance is rendered to those who qualify on a short term basis to help with basic necessary expenses such as rent or mortgage payments and medical needs. The service is a vehicle for nurses to give and receive help from their fellow colleagues and is truly "nurses helping nurses."


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  1. carol mathner
    carol mathner gave a $25 donation
    10 months ago · Like
  2. Jane Kaczorowski gave a $200 donation
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  3. Joanne Graham gave a $50 donation
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  4. Linda Moore
    Linda Moore gave a $100 donation
    I have been a nurse since 1971 and am blessed to still be working. I happily donate to help nurses in need.
    10 months ago · Like
  5. Carrie Lenburg
    Carrie Lenburg gave a $100 donation
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  6. Bonnie
    Bonnie gave a $106.91 donation
    Bill Donovan for his ongoing and continued service.
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  7. Beth Milham
    Beth Milham gave a $53.04 donation
    Dedication In Honor of: Star Hallock
    With much love, Beth & Russ
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