Trauma Squad

Trauma Squad

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Right now, nurses are on autopilot. We have no choice, we have to keep going. No one will see the real damage until after the crisis is over. You know how we can go 12 hours without peeing, eating or sitting, then we get home and we are useless, but still keep going because we have to? Now imagine all these nurses fighting through the pandemic, and what we will be like when things go back to “normal”. That’s when the compassion fatigue will kick in and we will see an uptake in the decline of our mental health and increase in substance use and suicide. Nurses house is there for when this happens, to help nurses pay their bills if they are out on medical leave. Stop calling us heroes and banging your pots and pans! This fund is almost depleted because the need was so high helping nurses who contracted Covid. Let’s make sure they will be there when the real consequences of this pandemic strike! Help them take care of our nurses and donate!!!! Don’t wait for congress to pass the heroes act! It will be to late.

Our frontline workers put themselves in the line of fire every day during the pandemic. Some of us contracted covid, and others will never be the same after witnessing the consequences of this virus on our communities. At a minimum, we experienced mild symptoms and worried about who we may have exposed. Some of us suffered more experiencing vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue. Some lost their lives. Nurses house is an organization that offers financial assistance to nurses who are out of work, and because of covid their assistance is needed more than ever. Please consider donating so they can continue to help our healthcare heroes who have committed their lives to helping everyone else.

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Nurses House, Inc

Campaign to Support Nurses House, Inc

Nurses House is the only national organization offering assistance to RN's who are struggling due to their health and financial situation. Nurses House is run by nurses and funded by donations from nurses and the nursing community. Assistance is rendered to those who qualify on a short term basis to help with basic necessary expenses such as rent or mortgage payments and medical needs. The service is a vehicle for nurses to give and receive help from their fellow colleagues and is truly "nurses helping nurses."


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