2020 Dolphin Award Ceremony Honoring Thomas Smith and Barbara Sommer

2020 Dolphin Award Ceremony Honoring Thomas Smith and Barbara Sommer

About This Event

Nurses House hosts an annual award ceremony to celebrate nursing and honor an individual or group having demonstrated outstanding service to Nurses House as well as the nursing profession as a whole. The 2020 Nurses House Dolphin Award will be presented to Thomas Smith, DNP, RN, NEA-BC and Barbara Sommer, MA, RN, CEN, NE-BC. Due to COVID-19 the ceremony will be held virtually on January 14, 2021 from 6-7pm via Zoom. A donation of $10 or more will reserve your spot at the virtual ceremony. There will be a virtual prize drawing as well and we encourage you to purchase tickets as all funds will go to our service program for nurses in need. You do not need to attend the event to win, so please encourage friends, family and colleagues to enter! Winners will be announced at the event at via email. To purchase tickets to the award ceremony, click the links to the right. To purchase tickets for the prize drawing, please go to:

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Please contact Stephanie if you have any questions about the event at sdague@nurseshouse.org

Gold Sponsors

  • Maimonides Medical Center
  • New York State Nurses Association

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  • Stat Staff Professionals
  • ANA - New York

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  • Center for Nursing at the Foundation of NYS Nurses
Nurses House, Inc

Event to Support Nurses House, Inc

Nurses House is the only national organization offering assistance to RN's who are struggling due to their health and financial situation. Nurses House is run by nurses and funded by donations from nurses and the nursing community. Assistance is rendered to those who qualify on a short term basis to help with basic necessary expenses such as rent or mortgage payments and medical needs. The service is a vehicle for nurses to give and receive help from their fellow colleagues and is truly "nurses helping nurses."

  1. Marcia Hodge
    Marcia Hodge gave a $10 donation
    Dedication In Honor of: Thomas Smith RN
    4 months ago · Like
  2. Josephine Imperatrice
    Josephine Imperatrice gave a $116.34 donation
    It is an honor to work with and learn from the best! Congratulations! Both of you truly are " a nurse's nurse". I appreciate all you have done for our profession and for our nurses!
    4 months ago · Like
    VERONICA HUNKO gave a $37.61 donation
    Congratulations fellow Kings County Hospital School of Nursing Graduate 1969!
    4 months ago · Like
  4. Karen Ballard
    Karen Ballard gave a $116.34 donation
    Congratulations to Tom and Barbara. Your longstanding, tireless, and enthusiastic support of Nurses House and the support it offers registered nurses in need of assistance is truly appreciated. You are worthy recipients of the 2020 Dolphin Award. It is a pleasure to share this Virtual Ceremony with both of you and other professional nurses in virtual attendance. Sincerely, Karen A, Ballard, Nurses House Vice-Chairperson.
    4 months ago · Like
  5. William Donovan
    William Donovan gave a $117.57 donation
    4 months ago · Like
  6. Maria Martino
    Maria Martino gave a $35 donation
    Dedication In Honor of: Barbara Sommerbsommer@maimonidedmed.org
    Congratulations to Tom and Barbara for this well deserved honor. Maria Ferlita
    4 months ago · Like
  7. Noreen O'Leary gave a $37.22 donation
    4 months ago · Like
  8. Nancy Daurio
    Nancy Daurio gave a donation
    Congratulations Barbara and Tom, Thank you for your exemplary dedication and commitment to Nurses and our profession. Nancy Daurio RN MSN VP CNIO, Maimonides Medical Center
    4 months ago · Like
  9. Mary Anne Gallagher
    Mary Anne Gallagher gave a $63.59 donation
    Congratulations Barbara and Tom! Your commitment to Nurses House has positively impacted many nurses in need. Thank you.
    4 months ago · Like
    DIANE MANCINO gave a $266.83 donation
    Dedication In Honor of: Tom Smith
    Congratulations Tom Smith. Your tireless efforts to improve nursing practice and deliver high quality nursing care are very worthy of this recognition. Diane Mancino
    4 months ago · Like
  11. Agnes Palmer
    Agnes Palmer gave a $35 donation
    You did an amazing job helping so many nurses!!!
    4 months ago · Like
  12. Liana Shabayeva
    Liana Shabayeva gave a $35 donation
    4 months ago · Like
  13. Diane Maldonado
    Diane Maldonado gave a $37.22 donation
    Dedication In Honor of: Barbara Sommer
    "Your greatness is not what you have, it's what you give" You have done such wonderful charity work with Nurses House. Your raffles in Maimonides Medical Center has helped so many Nurses in Need. Bravo!
    4 months ago · Like
  14. Nadia Sultana
    Nadia Sultana gave a $37.61 donation
    4 months ago · Like
  15. Patricia Rochford
    Patricia Rochford gave a $35 donation
    Thank you Tom Smith and Barbara for your dedication to Nurses House
    4 months ago · Like
  16. Mary J.@ Finnin
    Mary J.@ Finnin gave a $110 donation
    Congratulations Tom 👏. Very well deserved Award, for your many years of service and support of the Nursing Profession❗️
    4 months ago · Like
  17. Lucy Aviles
    Lucy Aviles gave a $35 donation
    Dedication In Honor of: Barbara Sommer
    Warmest congratulations on your achievement.
    4 months ago · Like
  18. sharon markowitz
    sharon markowitz gave a $110 donation
    With the warmest of wished to Barbara and Tom for an award so well deserved! Congratulations!!
    4 months ago · Like
  19. Elaine Gunn
    Elaine Gunn gave a $116.34 donation
    4 months ago · Like
  20. Eduardo Castillo
    Eduardo Castillo gave a $35 donation
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  21. Daneilla Sommer
    Daneilla Sommer gave a $10.85 donation
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  22. Marie Sommer
    Marie Sommer gave a donation
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  23. Patricia Maher-Brisen
    Patricia Maher-Brisen gave a $63.59 donation
    4 months ago · Like
  24. marie ankner
    marie ankner gave a donation
    4 months ago · Like
  25. Robert Sommer
    Robert Sommer gave a $117.57 donation
    congrats to Tom and Barbara two dedicated nurses whose work inspires others to excel
    4 months ago · Like
  26. Jeannine Rotondi
    Jeannine Rotondi gave a $110 donation
    Dedication In Honor of: Barbara Sommer
    Congrats to our Mom and Nanny Barbara Sommer on this great honor and award. We love you!
    4 months ago · Like
  27. Ilene Sussman
    Ilene Sussman gave a $63.59 donation
    Congratulations to both of you. Barbara and Tom you both deserve this award. Thank you for your continued support to this great organization Nurses House.
    4 months ago · Like
  28. shirley girouard
    shirley girouard gave a $35 donation
    Congratulations Tom!! Thank you for all you do for the profession and for NY!!
    4 months ago · Like
  29. Winifred Kennedy
    Winifred Kennedy gave a $266.83 donation
    5 months ago · Like
  30. Kimberly Velez
    Kimberly Velez gave a $37.22 donation
    Congratulations Dr. Smith and Barbara Sommers on being recognized by Nurses House.
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